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About us
Based out of Qatar, CUBES INTERNATIONAL partnership ventures have emerged as a strong leader in the fields of shipping, construction, food-Imports, general trading, and other industries along with financial investments and portfolio management across the globe
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CUBES INTERNATIONAL GROUP of companies was founded and established in the year 2011 by Mr. Shareef Muhammed in Qatar. During the early years, the company was primarily involved in Trading and Contracting activities. Later on, the company expanded its business in India, Qatar, and UAE working towards the global footprints.

Within a short span of time Cubes International Group was able to spread its vertices in the sectors of Logistics, Construction, Architectural Service, food import and export, General Trading, Transportation, FMCG, Media Production etc, which lead the way for Cubes International Group to become a force to reckon within various countries.

How We Achieved
Our Steady Growth
Cubes International Group
Global Presence
Cubes International Group
CMD's Message

During the past years, we have transformed our business, changing the way we do things, I see that as a major strategic leap forward. We are asking our people to make the best decisions for the Group as a whole, not just their little part of it.

That's important because the thrust of our activity has been to view the business in a much more global way. Our aim is to pull together our world wide strength in order to service both stable and growth markets, within existing and new clients.

Our clients are now seeing the benefits of our working as a global team and each day we look forward to meeting new opportunities and challenges.

Our determination to deliver the highest standard of service and innovation is the same today as it was when the company was founded a decade ago.

Mr. Shareef Muhammed
Chairman & Managing Director
Cubes International Group
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    A satisfied customer is the best business strategy
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    We understand the importance of being available for you .
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    Our professional team of employee’s possesses the expertise and clear-cutunderstanding to evaluate and assess client requirements in any strategic area.
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    Value is more expensive than price.
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    Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.
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