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Cubes International Group: An Enterprise Built On Determination And Trust
Blog - April 04,2022

Born to a simple middle-class family, Shareef started to work as an employee in 2008. During his initial days of work, he saved his earnings intending to invest in his own business… It was in 2011 that he kick-started his business with his savings as capital investment. “Starting a business is not an easy task, it’s not for anyone. But the desire to achieve success in what I do has always driven me,” says Shareef with a smile of confidence. He invested his two years' worth of savings in the business. He received much disdain in his earlier days when conversing about his dream business. But that didn’t get the better of him. He had his eyes set on the result and stood focused until he achieved it. Faith in oneself and one’s enterprise is the foundation stone to business success. Nine years from then, building the eight verticals of Cubes International Group has helped Shareef prove his naysayers wrong, proving his worth as a business leader.

With a down-to-earth and resilient personality, Shareef is admired and is considered an honest leader by his team and dear ones. In just a year, he expanded his vertices under the parent company, Cubes International Group. He oversees and manages the operations of Cubes International Developers, Cubes International Logistics, Cubes International Facility Management, Cubes International Management Services, Cubes Trading, and Contracting, Cubevo International Trading, Psycho Designs, and Cascade Foodstuff Trading. Exploring the business sectors from construction facility to consulting and management to FMCG, which is the latest add-on to the cubes family, Shareef operates his business in UAE, Qatar, India and the USA.